If you’re a fan of Microworkers, you’ll like ClickChores. Same type of micro-jobs website, but a better appearance and more attentive staff.

ClickChores actually states on their website that they process withdrawals each Sunday ( unlike Microworkers) and the minimum withdrawal amount is only $3. There is $0.50 fee on withdrawals but that can be much lower compared to Microworkers 9% fee on Alertpay and Moneybookers (Skrill) withdrawals.

Another great feature of ClickChores is the fact that you can use the money you earn to post your own jobs, rather than having to deposit money. Microworkers makes you deposit money.

It seems that PayPal is the preferred payment method on ClickChores, but they also do offer Alertpay for deposits. The PayPal feature is a huge plus for me since Microworkers removed it as an option on their site.

ClickChores only down side seems to be that not a lot of people know about it yet, so there aren’t hundreds of listings like Microworkers. In-spite of this I still think ClickChores is a good alternative/solution to Microworkers. Once people start using the service  the site will do very well.

ClickChores also offers a referral bonus for any one you refer to the site. They will credit your account with a $0.50 bonus when your referral completes their first task and makes their first withdrawal. You’ll also earn an additional $3 when your referral posts their first job. Microworkers doesn’t seem to offer any type of referral bonus. I’m sure they did in the past but not anymore.

I really suggest you sign up with  ClickChores and just keep an eye on the site. Jobs are posted each day as more and more people choose to use  ClickChores.

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